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Massachusetts law about professional licensing

A compilation of laws, regulations, and web sources on professional licensing in Massachusetts.

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Massachusetts laws

MGL c.112, Establishes the boards of registration for the professions.
See also, sections that have recently been added or amended:

  • § 42A Rules and regulations of the board of registration in pharmacy; participation in national data reporting systems; suspension or revocation of license or permit; hearing; summary action upon belief of threat to public health, safety or welfare
  • § 275 Sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts
  • § 276 Definitions applicable to §§ 276-289
  • § 277 Appraisal management companies; registration required
  • § 278 Appraisal management companies; rules and regulations
  • § 279 Appraisal management companies; application for registration
  • § 280 Appraisal management companies; designation of controlling person
  • § 281 Appraisal management companies; designation of employee in charge
  • § 282 Appraisal management companies; notice to board of designation of controlling person and employee in charge; change in designations; sole proprietorships
  • § 283 Appraisal management companies; fees
  • § 284 Appraisal management companies; surety bond
  • § 285 Appraisal management companies; prohibited activities
  • § 286 Appraisal management companies; disciplinary actions
  • § 287 Appraisal management companies; maintenance and preservation of records
  • § 288 Appraisal management companies; injunctive relief
  • § 289 Appraisal management companies; investigations and examinations by board

Massachusetts regulations

230-270 CMR Boards of registration. You can find the regulations governing a particular profession here.

Web sources

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Citizens' guide to state services, published by William Francis Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth, Citizen Information Service, State Licenses: Division of Professional Licensure

Division of Professional Licensure boards of registration
A listing with links to boards that license everything from allied health professionals to veterinarians. Each board has a link to its regulations, applications, fees, etc.

Division of Professional Licensure: check a license
The DPL oversees 39 boards which license and regulate more than 167 trades and professions in Massachusetts.  You can look up the license of a professional you're thinking of doing business with, or your own license – everything from real estate, to cosmetology, to construction management, and more.

Division of Professional Licensure consumer bill of rights
While not carrying the force of law, these "rights" articulate the philosophy of the Division

Professional licenses & permits, Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation
Lists all categories of employment that require licensing by the state with links to agencies.

Manual for conducting administrative adjudicatory proceedings, by Robert Quinlan, Asst. Atty. General, 2012 edition.
Provides guidance to members of boards of registration participating in adjudicatory proceedings

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