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Fiscal Year 2017 Performance Goals, Metrics and Progress

This is the preliminary report on the progress toward achieving the FY17 targets. This table will be updated following the conclusion of the entire fiscal year.

Energy & Environmental Affairs - Secretary Matthew Beaton


Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) % of permit applications that are reviewed within x days of receipt 70% within 90 days       85%
100% within 180 days 95%
Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) Redemption rate of participants served through WIC farmers market program. 75% Redemption Rate 58.40%
Department of Fish & Game (DFG) Percentage of licensed hunters using mobile devices to report harvest of game. 5% year over year increase Overall increase of 5%- mobile phone reporting adoption has increased for Antlered Deer Archery at 6%, Antlerless Deer Archery at 8%, Wild Turkey 3%, and Black Bear 16%
Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Campground participation 10% increase Overall participation has gone down 1%. 
Department of Energy Resources (DOER) # of low and moderate income participants served by the Energy Efficiency programs 20% Increase 26% increaes in the number of low income participants in energy efficiency and clean energy programs.
Department of Energy Resources (DOER) # of communities designated as Green Communities 15 new Green Communities 30 Green Communities designated
Department of Public Utilities (DPU) School bus commercial driver’s license (CDL) certifications Decrease fail rate of drivers seeking certification to 33% 32% Combined private school and driving school failure rate
Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Urban Trees Planted 9,000 trees through FY18 911 trees were planted in the fall of 2016, for grand total of 6,301 trees


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