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Information about HSN Provider Guides and Billing Updates

This page provides links to user guides and information about billing updates and reminders, policy information, and MMIS.

Table of Contents

Billing reminders and updates

The HSN issues regular billing updates. Please review these updates carefully. They may impact how your facility bills HSN now or in the future!

Please share these updates with anyone who assists your facility in billing, including your billing intermediaries. Each reminder or update indicates the effective date for these guidelines and which 837 category they impact (i.e., 837I, 837P, or 837D).

2023 billing reminders and updates

2022 billing reminders and updates

2021 billing reminders and updates

2020 billing reminders and updates

2019 billing reminders and updates

2018 billing reminders and updates

2017 billing reminders and updates

2016 billing reminders and updates

Information about Health Safety Net (HSN) policy changes

The Health Safety Net (HSN) Eligible Services regulation (101 CMR 613.00) was updated on April 8, 2016, with new policies that took effect on June 1, 2016. This page provides information about these policy changes and the implementation process.

MMIS claims billing information

HSN dental claims

Effective January 1, 2017, all HSN dental claims should be submitted to the HSN’s third party vendor, DentaQuest. Providers should make certain that any claims with a date of service beginning January 1, 2017, are submitted to DentaQuest. If you have questions, please contact DentaQuest HSN Customer Service at (800) 207-5019.

SENDS-INET instructions

INET registration

For answers to questions regarding SENDS/INET please contact the HSN Help Desk at (800) 609-7232 or by email to hsnhelpdesk@state.ma.us.

User guides

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