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Resource Reopening: Sector-specific protocols and best practices

Sector-specific mandatory safety standards and recommended best practices, including restaurants, retail businesses, and indoor and outdoor events.

Organization: Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development
Date published: June 1, 2020
Last updated: May 7, 2021

About this guidance

Upon reopening, all Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV (Step 1) businesses must follow the sector-specific safety protocols and best practices linked below. Effective Monday, March 22, 2021, Massachusetts advanced to Step 1 of Phase IV. Massachusetts will reopen some outdoor Phase 4, Step 2 industries effective May 10th and has put plans in place for further reopening on May 29th and August 1st, subject to public health and vaccination data.

Encourage workers who test positive for COVID-19 to disclose to the workplace employer for purposes of cleaning / disinfecting and contact tracing. If the employer is notified of a positive case at the workplace, the employer shall notify the local health department in the city or town where the workplace is located and assist the local health department as reasonably requested to advise likely contacts to isolate and self-quarantine. Testing of other workers may be recommended consistent with guidance and / or at the request of the local health department.

Archived safety standards, protocols and checklists from PREVIOUS PHASES AND STEPS are available here.

The following sector-specific protocols have been archived (and should follow the Mandatory Safety Standards for Workplaces and/or the protocols for Sectors Not Otherwise Addressed): Construction, Drive In Move Theaters, Golf Facilities, Lab Space, Libraries, and Manufacturing.

Large capacity venues can submit safety plans here.