2014 WIA information issuances

2014 WIA information issuances

2014 information issuances

TORQ Updates Related to MOSES Job Seeker (Applicant/MOSES) ID  

Issuance #14-112   Issued: 12/30/2014

MOSES Data Entry Manual for the Job Driven National Emergency Grant  

Issuance #14-110    Issued: 12/23/2014
14-110A: MOSES User’s Manual   file size9MB

Notice of Closure and Refund Process: Sullivan & Cogliano Training Center  

Issuance #14-109    Issued: 12/22/2014

FY2014 WIA Title I Annual Performance Results  

Issuance #14-108    Issued: 12/17/2014

14-108A: PY13 (FY2014) Annual Report on Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth Activities   file size1MB

Revised State One-Stop Allocations for Fiscal Year 2015  

Issuance #14-107    Issued: 12/05/2014

14-107A: FY15 State One-Stop Formula Allocations  

MOSES Maintenance Build at 5:00 PM on December 11, 2014  

Issuance #14-106    Issued: 12/05/2014

Training Funds Available for MassDOT Dislocated Toll Collectors - REVISED  

Issuance #14-105    Issued: 01/22/2015 (Replace 12/30/2014)
14-105A: Voucher Process  
14-105B: Training Funds Q&A  
14-105C: Training Request Voucher Form  
14-105D: Frequently Asked Questions about Accessing MassDOT/Local 127 Training Funds  

Applications for New Awards – Performance Partnership Pilots Bidders Conference Sponsored by Workforce3One  

Issuance #14-103    Issued: 12/01/2014

14-103A: Department of Education, Applications for New Awards: Performance Partnership Pilots notice  

Training Opportunities Program (TOP) and Career Center Publications Available  

Issuance #14-102    Issued: 12/01/2014

14-102A: Training Opportunities Program, Form 1938 Rev. 11-14  
14-102B: Massachusetts One-Stop Career Centers Flyer  

Promising Practices and Resources for Addressing Long-Term Unemployment  

Issuance #14-101    Issued: 12/01/2014

Update on Complying with Nondiscrimination Provisions  

Issuance #14-100    Issued: 12/01/2014

14-100A: Notice to Employers Regarding Job Bank Nondiscrimination and Hiring Restrictions Based on Credit Information  
14-100B: Notice to Employers Regarding Job Posting Containing Hiring Restrictions Based on Credit Information  
14-100C: Notice to Job Seekers to be Attached to Job Postings with Hiring Restrictions Based on Credit Information  

Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT) Web Portal Launch  

Issuance #14-99    Issued: 11/24/2014

Minimum Wage Increase for Massachusetts  

Issuance #14-98    Issued: 11/24/2014
14-98A: Massachusetts Minimum Wage Increase Flyer  

Annual Career Center Performance Reports for Fiscal Year 2014  

Issuance #14-96    Issued: 11/18/2014

14-96A: Tab00 Table of Contents  
14-96B: Tab01 Executive Summary  
14-96C: Tab02 Employer Summary  
14-96D: Tab03 Job Seeker Summary  
14-96E: Tab04 Veteran Summary  
14-96F: Tab05 REA Goals Summary  
14-96G: Tab06 Title I Adults and Dislocated Worker Summary  
14-96H: Tab07 Title I Youth Summary  
14-96I: Tab08 National Emergency Grants Summary  
14-96J: Tab09 Trade Performance Summary  
14-96K: Tab10 Labor Exchange and Veterans Performance Summary  
14-96L: Tab11 Title I Performance Summary  
14-96M: Tab12 Trade Performance Summary  
14-96N: Tab13 Performance Cohorts  

Required Posters for Display in One-Stop Career Centers  

Issuance #14-94    Issued: 11/07/2014

Youth Services Data Element Clarification: Adult Mentoring and Comprehensive Guidance  

Issuance #14-92    Issued: 11/07/2014

Hire a Veteran Month – November 2014 Career Center Activities  

Issuance #14-91    Issued: 11/03/2014
14-91A: Statewide Veteran Event Listing  

Partnerships that Deliver Results: The Workforce System and Registered Apprenticeship Webinars  

Issuance #14-90    Issued: 10/30/2014

Changes in MOSES Version 34.3  

Issuance #14-89    Issued: 10/17/2014

Farm Entrepreneur Training  

Issuance #14-88    Issued: 10/17/2014

New Funding Opportunity through the Job Driven (JD) NEG  

Issuance #14-87    Issued: 10/15/2014
14-87A: Application for Innovative Work Based Training  

TAA Benchmarks Report for Completion TRA Eligibility  

Issuance #14-86    Issued: 10/14/2014
14-86A: TAA Benchmarks Report Instructions  

Release Date of MOSES Version 34.3 will be October 24, 2014  

Issuance #14-85    Issued: 10/09/2014

Introduction to the Trade Adjustment Assistance Programs MOSES Training  

Issuance #14-84    Issued: 10/07/2014

FY2014 Career Center Performance Reports - Quarter Ending June 30, 2014  

Issuance #14-83    Issued: 10/07/2014
14-83A: Tab00 Table of Contents  
14-83B: Tab01 Executive Summary  
14-83C: Tab02 Employer Summary  
14-83D: Tab03 Job Seeker Summary  
14-83E: Tab04 Veteran Summary  
14-83F: Tab05 RES Summary  
14-83G: Tab06 Title I Adults and Dislocated Worker Summary  
14-83H: Tab07 Title I Youth Summary  
14-83I: Tab08 National Emergency Grants Summary  
14-83J: Tab09 Trade Summary  
14-83K: Tab10 Labor Exchange Quarter Performance Summary  
14-83L: Tab11 Title I Performance  
14-83M: Tab12 Trade Performance Summary  
14-83N: Tab13 Performance Cohorts  

Notice of Closure: Center of Digital Imaging Arts, Inc.  

Issuance #14-82    Issued: 10/06/2014

Updates to the Massachusetts Career Information System (MassCIS)  

Issuance #14-81    Issued: 10/03/2014
14-81A: What’s new in MasscCIS 2014 Brochure  

Reemployment Eligibility Assessment (REA) 2014 Trainings  

Issuance #14-79    Issued: 09/23/2014
14-79A: Registration Form  

Deadline Extended: Call for Nominations for FY14 Jobs for Veterans State Grant Incentive Awards  

Issuance #14-76    Issued: 09/02/2014
14-76A: Performance Incentive Awards Nomination Procedures  
14-76B: Performance Incentive Awards Nomination Form  

Notice of Closure: Everest Institute in Massachusetts  

Issuance #14-75     Issued: 09/02/2014

Preparing Staff to Deliver Job Driven Training Strategies – 2nd Session  

Issuance #14-74    Issued: 09/02/2014
14-74A: Registration Form  

WIOA Webinar Available: Greg Newton Associates  

Issuance #14-71     Issued: 08/25/2014

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Implementation: Webinars for Stakeholder Engagement  

Issuance #14-70     Issued: 08/25/2014

Eligibility of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Participants for WIA and Wagner-Peyser Act Programs  

Issuance #14-68     Issued: 08/25/2014

REMINDER: Unified Workforce Investment System Complaint Log  

Issuance #14-67    Issued: 08/25/2014
Unified Workforce Investment System Complaint Log  

FY2013 WIA Title I Performance Incentive Awards  

Issuance #14-66    Issued: 08/07/2014
14-66A: FY2013 WIA Title I Incentive Criteria  

Distribution of Guide Cards for the Trade Adjustment Assistance - Reversion 2014  

Issuance #14-65     Issued: 08/06/2014

Staff Training: Delivering Job Driven Training Strategies  

Issuance #14-63    Issued: 08/01/2014
14-63A: Registration Form  

Implementing a Job-Driven Workforce System  

Issuance #14-62    Issued: 08/01/2014
14-62A: TEGL No. 3-14  

Call for Nominations for FY14 Jobs for Veterans State Grant Incentive Awards  

Issuance #14-60    Issued: 07/22/2014
see updated Issuance #14-76

14-60A: Performance Incentive Awards Nomination Procedures   
14-60B: Performance Incentive Awards Nomination Form  

HWOL User Group Webinar  

Issuance #14-59    Issued: 07/22/2014
14-59A: Registration Form  

Receiving Ticket to Work Payments as an Employment Network, REVISED  

Issuance #14-58     Issued: 07/22/2014

Reemployment Eligibility Assessment (REA) 2014 UI Online Build Release Information  

Issuance #14-57     Issued: 07/15/2014

Description of Changes in MOSES Version 34.2  

Issuance #14-55     Issued: 06/30/2014

FY2014 Career Center Performance Reports - Quarter Ending March 31, 2014  

Issuance #14-53    Issued: 06/27/2014
14-53A: Tab00 Table of Contents  
14-53B: Tab01 Executive Summary  
14-53C: Tab02 Employer Summary  
14-53D: Tab03 Job Seeker Summary  
14-53E: Tab04 Veteran Summary  
14-53F: Tab05 RES Summary  
14-53G: Tab06 Title I Adults and Dislocated Worker Summary  
14-53H: Tab07 Title I Youth Summary  
14-53I: Tab08 National Emergency Grants Summary  
14-53J: Tab09 Trade Summary  
14-53K: Tab10 Labor Exchange Quarter Performance Summary  
14-53L: Tab11 Title I Performance  
14-53M: Tab12 Trade Performance Summary  
14-53N: Tab13 Performance Cohorts  

Training: cTORQ (Transferable Occupational Relationship Quotient) – Next Steps: Using the Personal Employment Plan to Help Customers Find the Right Job  

Issuance #14-51    Issued: 06/20/2014
14-51A: Registration Form  

Call for Presentations: Transformation Agenda Summer Gathering  

Issuance #14-50     Issued: 06/10/2014
14-50A: MCCWDTA Call for Presentations  
14-50B: MCCWDTA Progress to Date  

Real-Time Labor Market Information Workshop  

Issuance #14-49     Issued: 06/10/2014

Training for Training Opportunity Program (Section 30)  

Issuance #14-48     Issued: 06/10/2014

2012 NAICS Codes for Definitions of Farmwork TEGL No. 25-04, Change 1  

Issuance #14-47     Issued: 06/10/2014

New MassWorkforce Website  

Issuance #14-46     Issued: 05/29/2014

Proposed Massachusetts Performance Goals for PY 2014  

Issuance #14-45     Issued: 05/23/2014
14-45A: Massachusetts Proposed Goals for Program Year 2014  

Mass BizWorks (formerly EBE) Staff Training and Development Committee Business Services Training  

Issuance #14-44     Issued: 05/21/2014
14-44A: Registration Form  

Funding Opportunity: Workforce Innovation Fund Grant Program  

Issuance #14-43     Issued: 05/20/2014

Webinar on the changes to REA 2014 Grant and related MOSES changes  

Issuance #14-42     Issued: 05/16/2014
14-42A: Webinar Access Information   
14-42B: Registration Form  

RFI on Adoption of Career Pathways Approaches for the Delivery of Education, Training, Employment and Human Services  

Issuance #14-41     Issued: 05/13/2014

Designation of Additional Population of Veterans Eligible for Services from the Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program Specialist – Veterans Ages 18-24  

Issuance #14-40     Issued: 05/09/2014

New NEG Funding Opportunity  

Issuance #14-37     Issued: 05/05/2014

Unified Workforce Investment System Complaint Process Training  

Issuance #14-35     Issued: 04/22/2014

Urban and Non-Urban Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program Funding Opportunity  

Issuance #14-34     Issued: 04/18/2014

Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Funding Opportunity 

Issuance #14-33     Issued: 04/18/2014

Funding Opportunity: Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations  

Issuance #14-32     Issued: 04/16/2014

Information Regarding Jobs for Veterans’ State Grants (JVSG) Program TEGL No. 19-13  

Issuance #14-31     Issued: 04/16/2014
14-31A: Veterans’ Program Letter No. 03-14  

Employer Services Revision Training  

Issuance #14-28     Issued: 04/04/2014
14-28A:  Registration Form  

cTORQ (Transferable Occupational Relationship Quotient) Train-the-Facilitator Workshop  

Issuance #14-27     Issued: 04/03/2014
14-27A: Registration Form  

Workforce Training Eventbrite Scheduling System  

Issuance #14-26     Issued: 04/03/2014

Face Forward Grant Opportunity for Juvenile Offenders  

Issuance #14-25     Issued: 04/02/2014

Training for TAA Program Changes Resulting From the Reversion 2014  

Issuance #14-24     Issued: 04/02/2014

FY2014 Career Center Performance Reports - Quarter Ending December 31, 2013  

Issuance #14-22     Issued: 03/28/2014
14-22A: Tab00 Table of Contents   
14-22B:  Tab01 Executive Summary   
14-22C:  Tab02 Employer Summary   
14-22D:  Tab03 Job Seeker Summary   
14-22E:  Tab04 Veteran Summary   
14-22F:  Tab05 RES Summary   
14-22G:  Tab06 Title I Adults and Dislocated Worker Summary   
14-22H:  Tab07 Title I Youth Summary   
14-22I:  Tab08 National Emergency Grants Summary   
14-22J: Tab09 Trade Summary   
14-22K:  Tab10 Labor Exchange Quarter Performance Summary   
14-22L:  Tab11 Title I Performance   
14-22M: Tab12 Trade Performance Summary   
14-22N:  Tab13 Performance Cohorts  

Health Care Workforce Transformation Fund: Training Grant RFP  

Issuance #14-21     Issued: 03/14/2014

Veterans Retraining Assistance Program Extension for Current Participants  

Issuance #14-20     Issued: 03/13/2014

Enhanced Security Measures in the JobQuest Application  

Issuance #14-19     Issued: 03/07/2014

DCS FY14 Program and Fiscal Quality Assurance System Certification Schedule  

Issuance #14-17     Issued: 03/05/2014
14-17A: DCS FY'14 Program Systems Certification Review Schedule 
14-17B: DCS FY'14 Fiscal Systems Certification Review Schedule  

MassCEC Launches Program to Provide Clean Energy Training to High School Students  

Issuance #14-16     Issued: 02/25/2014

Training to Work 2–Adult Reentry Funding Opportunity  

Issuance #14-15     Issued: 02/25/2014

YouthBuild Funding Opportunity  

Issuance #14-14     Issued: 02/21/2014

Ready to Work Partnership Funding Opportunity  

Issuance #14-13     Issued: 02/21/2014

Career Center Day at the State House  

Issuance #14-12     Issued: 02/18/2014

ACT Tools for Work Readiness – Free Webinars  

Issuance #14-11     Issued: 02/13/2014

2014 Federal Poverty Guidelines Released  

Issuance #14-10     Issued: 02/10/2014

Senior Community Service Employment Program Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2014  

Issuance #14-09     Issued: 02/07/2014

Description of Changes in MOSES Version 34.0  

Issuance #14-07     Issued: 01/27/2014
14-07A: Employer Services Crosswalk Chart  

FY2013 WIA Title I Annual Performance Results  

Issuance #14-06     Issued: 01/24/2014
14-06A: Program Year 2012 Annual Report  

cTORQ (Transferable Occupational Relationship Quotient) Software Training  

Issuance #14-05     Issued: 01/24/2014
14-05A: Registration Form  

Massachusetts Statewide Veterans Career Fair  

Issuance #14-04     Issued: 01/15/2014
14-04A: Veterans Career Fair – Poster #1  
14-04B:  Veterans Career Fair – Poster #2  

Career Center Performance Reports - Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2013  

Issuance #14-02     Issued: 01/15/2014
14-02A: Tab00 Table of Contents (Annual)  
14-02B: Tab01 Executive Summary (Annual)  
14-02C: Tab02 Employer Summary (Annual)  
14-02D: Tab03 Job Seeker Summary (Annual)  
14-02E: Tab04 Veteran Summary (Annual)  
14-02F: Tab05 RES Summary (Annual)  
14-02G: Tab06 Title I Adults and Dislocated Worker Summary (Annual)  
14-02H: Tab07 Title I Youth Summary (Annual)  
14-02I: Tab08 National Emergency Grants Summary (Annual)  
14-02J: Tab09 Trade Summary (Annual)  
14-02K: Tab10 Labor Exchange Quarter Performance Summary (Annual)  
14-02L: Tab11 Title I Performance (Annual)  
14-02M: Tab12 Trade Performance Summary (Annual)  
14-02N: Tab13 Performance Cohorts  

MCCWDTA Peer Learning Summit - January 15th, 2014  

Issuance #14-01     Issued: 01/09/2014



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