Expedited Psychiatric Inpatient Admission (EPIA) Dashboards

Download data on the number and types of EPIA referrals, placement rates, and demographics.

This page contains data reports on Expedited Psychiatric Inpatient Admissions. Reports contain metrics on how many referrals EPIA receives each month, as well as patient demographics, how long it takes to place them in inpatient care facilities, and a breakdown of insurance plans. New reports are added monthly. 

Note: As of March 2019, each month will contain 3 documents. A combined dashboard including data for all ages, a dashboard with data only for individuals age 18+, and a dashboard with only data for individuals age 0-17. 

Table of Contents

2023 EPIA Dashboards

2022 EPIA Dashboards

2021 EPIA Dashboards

2020 EPIA Dashboards

2019 EPIA Dashboards

2018 EPIA Dashboards

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